Thursday, September 20, 2007

Beautiful Skies & Visiting the Duckies

This is one of the few things I really *enjoy* about our morning commute. Yes, we sit in stop and go traffic, and I actually have a chance to roll down my window and snap a picture. I'm sure my fellow commuters think I'm slightly crazy. The thing that really strikes me is the beauty that everyone is just passing by...

Later, I took Ethan to visit the neighborhood duckies. His favorite book right now is
"Fuzzy Yellow Ducklings". He hauls around the house all day long carrying that and his rubber duckies. The cutest part is that he puts on this little growly voice saying, "Back, back, back..." He was super excited.

1 comment:

Me :) said...

Wow - those sky pictures are just beautiful!!!

Your little guy is such a cutie!

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