Friday, October 5, 2007

Back in the Swing of Things!

I feel so blessed to be at a point where I am now able to flip through my little portfolio of layouts and already have things done that fit publishing calls that are up. Yes! :)

I picked up these FancyPants felt shapes the other day, and they've been super fun to work with. I love how thick the felt is.

Been wanting to blog about this movie for a while. Sick kiddos in the house don't make for much blogging/creating time! {HeeHee}
Hubby and I watched it last weekend. First, I must admit, I avoided this movie for quite a while, even though I had heard good things about it. Main reason: seriously NOT a Will Farrell fan. Especially after his nascar movie. {groan} Anyway, back to the point. Visually, I loved some of the digi overlay sort of stuff they did illustrating his compulsive counting. The acting was GREAT. I'm a fan of Emma Thompson. :) And Will Farrell actually proved he can act! Storywise, I just love how they build things up, and then end the whole thing sort of unexpectedly. They make a really great point along the way that everything we do is interconnected, and the smallest things in our lives are what make our lives. As a scrapper, I just loved that.

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