Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Random Picture...

Birthday cake I made for a friend's husband's birthday party about 2 years ago... It's a white cake with homemade strawberry filling in between three layers, covered in buttercream icing and then fondant. The garland around the top layer is white rose petals; plucked, rolled and then threaded on to very fine wire. The original idea came from
Martha Stewart Weddings. The idea's not up anymore, it was too long ago. :)
Um. Yes. I was mortified when I realized the top layer was slightly uneven. Figured out later that my counter top was the culprit. :P Fortunately, it wasn't that noticeable ~ only from the angle that I took the picture!!! {Ha!}


JaniceAileen said...

Gorgeous! I LOVE the blue flowers!

Me :) said...

Hey, I didn't know you decorated cakes, too! Beautiful cake!

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