Sunday, October 14, 2007

Thursday Night Fun

Took the boys to a hockey game Thursday night. (Got free tickets) Everyone had a great time. The Panthers actually played well and won their first game of the season. Well, as you all probably already guessed, we kind of paid for it Friday. The little one was definitely out of sorts.

Saturday was TBall again in the morning and at night we had an invitation to the pre-opening at the new IKEA. Love, love, love their stuff and soooo happy that they're finally local. I even dragged my hubby along. We haven't shopped together since February of 2005. That's how much he hates it. He actually admitted that this wasn't so bad, since most of their things are really a style that he likes.

The place was massively huge and they had police directing traffic and everything. Inside wasn't too bad, though. I was happy that I wasn't purchasing anything, 'cause the lines for check-out were long. Looking forward to getting some things to organize my scrapping space (actually already have them picked out, just waiting for the right time!), the kitchen cabinets I've been looking at in the catalog were very, very nice! And lots of little shelving/storage ideas for the whole place. Since we live in a condo, we have to be very efficient with our space, and I think having an IKEA available locally is really going to help with that.

After that, he toured me through the little area behind the store that's part of the larger area that he takes care of. He doesn't always give himself the props he deserves, and it was good to be able to support hm and learn a little more about the places he takes care of. Apparently it's the largest commercial park in the southeast, and one of the most lucrative areas. They definitely keep him busy! And that's only part of his area. (He is an electrical engineer for AT&T - he's responsible for researching & planning for the telecommunications needs for businesses and homes in his area.)In today's world, that's so much more than your telephone. Many people don't realize that even cell towers have land lines running to them, all internet communication, video broadcasting, business transactions (debit & credit cards), they all depend on our communications systems...

Well, enough about hubby. (Yes, I really love him, and no, you can't have him! HeeHee)

A bit sad that we're missing church again this week, but I can't bring myself to put a sick/cranky/teething toddler in the nursery... Fortunately, they broadcast the service live online, so we're still able to take part in that way.

I did get a little chance to work on some cards on Saturday. They're posted below. Hope you're having a great weekend! :)

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