Monday, March 31, 2008

Finishing up & would everyone please get healthy around here?

LOL. Seriously. We started battling whatever this is, 2 weeks ago. Now the big guy's doing better and back to school, but the little one's got the croup! Daddy's still under the weather, too! (And he does not get sick often. :P)

Anyway, finally finishing my intermediate Photoshop Course. (Now We're Rockin' with Photoshop by Jessica Sprague) This is actually lesson 3 of 4. I've been having to get really creative b/c of the limitations of my compy, but hopefully that'll be remedied soon. (Yes, I have one picked out - I'm thinking about painting flames on the sides it's got so much RAM and HD space. Hahahaha! Although compared to what I'm working with now, anything'll be better! :D)

Loved these pics of E., even though he's really not feeling well. :( Hope you had a good Monday!


Lacey said...

Leah that is an awesome layout! I love it!

maryjo said...

awesome layout. love the pp u used & the brushes. also great photo placement. can't wait to see what you create w/ your flame throwing compy. ;). mj

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