Wednesday, March 19, 2008


My fabric came!

It's been a bit of a killer week. Between the headache on Sunday, then Monday the boys started coming down with something (fevers, cold symtoms, D now has a yucky cough. Hubby's car was also in the shop, so I got to run around the entire county. (Drop D off, drop hubby off, pick D. up, pick hubby up, then pick car up...)D stayed home from school yesterday and today since he's under the weather...) {sigh} Just life, I guess! :D I'm sure we'll be on the mend soon! :D
Some cards from previous weeks :):


milkcan said...

Oooo! That fabric is so pretty! I love those pretty pale colors! So soft and beautiful! Have fun with it!

maryjo said...

oooh! i luv the yummy colors of the fabric too. just screams SPRING! can't wait to see what u do w/ it. great cards too, as always. mj

Sher said...

Oh that fabric is fun! Love your little cards--are they post cards?

Lu said...

Those fabrics are gorgeous! Can't wait to see what you make from them.

Me :) said...

Great cards! Have fun sewing!

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