Friday, April 25, 2008

Challenge Day!

I'm participating in an 8 week challenge over at AC Bailey. (One of my friends is on the design team over there.) This week's challenge was to use stitching on a layout. So, here's my take:

Some details:

I really had fun with this one - and love the layout I ended up with! Funny thing was it kinda evolved for me... I was stitching the flourishes, and for some reason started thinking about my grandma, and how she taught me to embroider. So, that's how the pnk flowers ended up on there!

The rest of the day will be filled with more prep for the shower! Everything's coming together nicely - can't wait 'til Sunday! :)


Lu said...

That is VERY cool, Leah!

Lacey said...


Sher said...

Great topic for a LO. I need to regain some patience. The stitching looks so great on the page!

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