Monday, April 21, 2008


Spending today doing those things that we all just have to get done. A mountain of, I mean it, literally... mucho cleaning around the house... you know all those little things that add up to a clutter-free, smooth running, living space. That's what really keeps me on track with the house - when things pile up and start to slow down my everyday tasks.

Also thinking about projects as I move through my mindless work today. :D It's a great way to think things through and get work done. I'm working on putting together an album class that will be offered through the summer at The Paper Niche. This is a little different for me, since in the past I've focussed on individual projects. I'm really excited about putting it together and sharing it with everyone.

Hope everyone's enjoying their Monday!

1 comment:

Camille said...

The glimps you gave me
into your summer class
sounds great and knowing
you it will be spectacular!
No pressure!!! Have fun. :)

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