Thursday, July 31, 2008

I've been feeling the sewing bug...

Well, we've been talking about Christmas a little on one of the message boards that I hang out on, and though I don't think that has anything to do with it... I've been feeling the sewing bug! Maybe I'm just needing to do some other creative things - after all, I knew how to sew looong before I took up scrapping. Here are a few things that have caught my eye lately:

The Birdie Sling Bag

The Lotus Tunic & Cami

The Sophie Carry All

{Yeah, I need to downsize on the bag - can't decide which one to go with...}

Amy Butler's new "August Fields" Collection.

BasicGrey has a new fabric collection, made from their older, Urban Couture line. It's available through

Heather Bailey is launching her store site on August 12 - there's plenty of her stuff I've been drooling over for a while, but have had a hard time finding online - now I know why. :)

Yes, another bag...

Cute baby toy! :D

I really adore her Pop Garden & Bijoux lines. {you can click in for a view of each of the individual fabrics...}

FreshCut is beautiful, too!

And though they're a completely different style, I love Lotta's fabrics, too!

Maybe I should take a minute to explain... last year, instead of fighting the Christmas shopping crowds - I made bags for all the ladies in our family. Yes. that means, I made 6 of these. Well, 7, since I ended up taking apart the first one. {too, busy! :P} Annnndd, as you would guess with a project like that, I finished them mere days before Christmas. I'm thinking I don't want to do that again this year! I'd also love to make an adorable little dress for my niece, too! I'm also starting to wonder if this'll become a little tradition - bags for Christmas for the ladies? They all loved them and use them, so why not?

So... my next question. Anyone know of some really great handmade gifts that are good for guys?! I'd love to see! I always end up with restaurant gift cards, or gift cards to electronics stores...

I did see this great laptop cover, though I'd definitely have to make it from different fabric!! :D

Enough sewing chat for now - hopefully you're not completely bored by all of these links... I have 1 final circle journal to complete {it'll be on it's way in the next few days, Renee!} And even though I hate to say it, I think I'll miss it! and am therefore thinking about doing signups for one! {I know. Crazy. Whatdayathink, Phoebe? :D}

I also have a wonderful project I'll be working on for David's kindergarten teacher. Sadly, she lost her husband to cancer earlier this year. She approached me with an idea that I thought was fabulous. Her husband was known for a certain type of shirt that he wore everywhere. Instead of parting with them, she would like to have them made into teddy bears, as a little reminder! I've been having a little trouble finding a pattern, {they were out of stock locally}, but I'm sure it'll get going in the next week! :D

Bye for now! We'll be heading out for the beach in a little bit! :D


Haberdawoman said...

Aaaargh! What I would do to learn how to sew. I think I would give up my left toe ;D J/K that would mean no more sandals for me. Do you know of any place in Dade or Broward that gives classes? I have called Michaels, Jo Ann Fabric etc. but they have all said no. I would LOVE to make bags for my 3 sisters in law this Christmas.

Amanda said...

Ok, now I have the sewing bug.. and I don't know the first things about sewing! ;) Lots of great stuff to look at in this post! TFS!

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