Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Happy Mail and Getting ready for School

Ok. This is kind of long...
These boxes have been sitting in the living room for a few weeks, patiently waiting in their little corner until I was ready to face the fact that summer is coming to and end.

We're starting a new adventure this fall! We'll be homeschooling. :)Not really new for me, since I was homeschooled growing up. ;)But, admitedly, this ain't your momma's homeschooling. We've gone all high tech and stuff. These are D's books, and over in the upper left, you can see the EHD that contains the teacher instruction for them.

Yep. That's right. I don't have to prepare the lessons. I do have my own set of teacher manuals, especially for homeschoolers, so I know how to plan out lessons and make sure we have the right supplies on hand, and of course, correct the work.

After looking through today, I'm actually a little excited about everything...

And we had a happy mail day around here. Mommy received some goodies. :)

This is my first time picking up a monthly kit from Jenni Bowlin, but I've really liked her products for a long time. With the colors on this, I couldn't resist.

Mommy wasn't the only one who was happy! E & D received belated birthday cards from my brother and sister. E's had a little button that you pushes, and the headlights flashed on all the cars... is he happy or what?

And finally, it's always a good day when this shows up:

How can you go wrong with a title article like that?!

And tomorrow I'll have to do a little post in honor of my friends, :D
Jess & Phoebe, for showing some linky love! I just didn't want it to get lost in all of this fabulousness that was our day today... HaHa!

Happy Wednesday!


The Home Depot Queen said...

What a great day! We just got our last bit of homeschool books yesterday so time to get serious!

Amanda said...

That's super cool that you're going to give home schooling a go! And I can't believe you waiting so long to open those boxes!! I LOVE school supplies.. and new workbooks/textbooks top my list.. I never actually opened them.. just like the feel and smell of a new textbook! hee hee Weird, I know! ;)
And your kit from JB... YUMMMMMYYY!! Can't wait to see what you create with that stuff!!

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