Tuesday, December 9, 2008

A very special project, and some Christmas stuff

Last week, my spare time was pretty much consumed with this awesome and very special project for a very special friend. Unfortunately, she lost her husband this past year. Over the summer, she approached me with an idea that I thought was just fabulous: she left several shirts that had belonged to her husband, with the request that I make bears out of them. Of course things got super busy for me after that, but since I knew she wanted them for Christmas, I made a special effort last week to take care of them. This is one of them before his little necktie was added. Unfortunately, I didn't take pics of the rest.

Oh, and this has to be one of my all time favorite christmas layouts... I'm so bad about event scrapping, but I'm trying to work on being better - since I know the boys will miss those layouts about special times. ;)

And the latest advent card:

The circumstances last week led to a few missed days, but I'm back on track this week! I usually shoot for at least 20. ;)

Happy Tuesday! Hoping to bake some Christmas cookies later today! What about you?:D


Haberdawoman said...
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Haberdawoman said...

What a wonderful gesture.
I have been wanting to do a quilt for my mom with my Dad's shirts after he passed from cnacer but I have not had time to figure out the whole sewing thing :( I am hoping that after the holidays I will be able to do it. As for your layouts....GORGEOUS!!! but what else is new. Have a wonderful day.

Amanda said...

Oh.. that teddy.. absolutely priceless.. you did an amazing job!
I linked here from the 2ps site! ha ha.. you were at the top of the "latest blog post list" and I thought, "hey! I haven't been there in WAY too long!" :)

Phoebe said...

I think all of your cards look wonderful, Leah! Love that tradition!! And the teddy bear is awesome...such a sweet, sweet idea. Love those pictures of the tree decorating, too!!

Camille said...

Leah...I love that Christmas layout. WOW!
Looking at your blog always inspires me...keep up the good work. Hope to see you soon at the Niche.

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