Sunday, July 26, 2009

Discovering Nesquik & sorting it out

As E ambled down the aisles at the grocery store {well, actually, Super Target}, on our last trip, he discovered something strategically placed at the eye level of a 3 year old:

They're super happy, and well, I guess I'm ok with it, since they've drank almost a gallon of milk in just 5 days. They're not usually milk drinkers.

Ahh. Takes me back to the days when I used to drink a glass of chocolate milk for breakfast.
And this is how I've been spending any spare time in the last few days and weeks:

I really can't function when the house gets over-run with stuff. And since we just had a bunch of birthday's we've acquired a few new things. So, yes. They're a bunch heading out now, too! It's still a work in progress. :P

Hope you're enjoying your weekend! It's been rainy here. Heading out to Forever 21 today with my sis in-laws. Checking to see if they have any fun stuffs! Weekend's almost done, and I've got lots to do before Tuesday morning!

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beckyjune said...

That is so fun, Leah. My girls just love their "pink" milk (strawberry Quik). It looks like you've been busy...we need to go through and give some things away, too. Have a great week!!

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