Friday, July 31, 2009

Warning: Mass Photo Posting - {CHA goodness}

For those of you not familiar, CHA stands for Craft & Hobby Association. Twice a year they have an exhibitor's show where all of the manufacturers show us the new goodies they've come up with. There are also a lot of other technical things like classes and business seminars meant to educate the crafting retailer. :) This year, Rhonda & Tammy invited myself, Gine, and Krista along for the ride to help with ordering for The Paper Niche and to take a few classes.
myself, Rhonda & Tammy at 7 Gypsies:
Gine and I at the entrance to the Convention Center in Orlando:
Tammy wrapping up an order at Webster's Pages:
Guess who?
Yep! You're right! Tim Holtz was doing demos at the Ranger booth:
We all had to snag a pic together. The top photo is a tag he created and signed for the store. :)
myself with Ms. Allison of the Hambly blog:
myself with Ms. Sharon Laakonan {I'm sure I just murdered her last name, lol}:
gorgeousness at the Prima booth:
yummies at Maya road:
Hambly, of course!

Class in the evening with Gine and Krista:

With Ms. Jenni Bowlin {you can tell this is the third day, right? Looking a little wilty. lol}:

Had lots of fun with the girls! But, I'm glad to be home, because...


Robin said...

How cool! :) So glad to see the photos since I didn't go this year! Hope you had a blast, Leah!!!

Lisa Carroll said...

Looks like you had a wonderful time!

beckyjune said...

How fun!! You got to meet so many cool people, too. It was fun seeing your pictures. How incredible it must be to be there at CHA.

Emma said...

Thanks for sharing all your wonderful pictures Lea. It looked like a blast... glad you had fun.

Maryangella said...

Looks like you ladies had a lot of fun but did a lot of work too. I can not wait to see all the goodies start coming in to The Niche. BTW, thanks for making pasrt of the DT. You ladies are awesome.
Have a wonderful, relaxing weekend with the family.

Barbie said...

WOW!!! AWESOME!!!! From the pictures you share "Thanks for Sharing!" it looks like you ladies had a GREAT time. Can't wait for the new products to come in!!! Please keep the e-mails coming with all the wonderful information.... GO PAPER NICHE AND CHA!!!!

Phoebe said...

Wow, Leah!! You were rubbing shoulders with some seriously impressive peeps!! Love all the pictures!! Thanks for sharing!! I'm so jealous but so happy for you that you were able to go and have such a good time!! :)

Elisabeth said...

How lovely to share your trip with these awesome pics, thanks Leah!

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