Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Check out that Smile - and the Famous Muffins

That's one big smile. We found the much sought after costume. :) D. found one he was happy with as well...
And the yummy pumpkin spice muffins with cream cheese icing I made this morning.
No major projects to show at the moment, though there are a few in the works! I've got a guest spot coming November 1st, so check back to see what's going on then! :).
ETA: I did get a chance to play for a few minutes this afternoon! Using the new American Crafts Halloween line - it's a gift card holder. I'm actually thinking about a few of these for Christmas, too! A little more fun than a card. :)

The rest of the day promises to be busy - Halloween celebrations are starting with a stop at the library tonight! Stories, crafts, and some candy - the boys love it...

Hope everyone's enjoying the season {said while munching my honeycrisp apple and icing the rest of my pumpkin spice muffins!}


Lisa Carroll said...

Oh look its Thomas! Love it. I still can't believe we didn't end up with the Percy or James costume this year. And those muffins sure do look good. I can't believe you can bake as much as you do and still look so amazing! You must have great willpower!!!

Haberdawoman said...

That is a million dollar smile he has on that cute little face of his. How great that you found the costume he so wanted and that muffin is looking so delish right about now : )
I really hope Hubby feels better by the morning.
Have a great night!

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