Wednesday, February 10, 2010

a few photos collecting for my project 52...

I'm not sure how others do their project 52, but I've sort of settled on a method for mine that's working. I thought I just take a minute to share that today!

I don't set out with a specific goal at the beginning of the week. Don't plan any big activities to photograph. I just let whatever happens... well, happen. :) Then I snap whatever catches my fancy...

I discovered a new fruit this week that I enjoy. Hubby has friends at work that have a tree, so we get blessed with bags of starfruits each year. I think in the past, the ones I had tried weren't fully ripe! :P They are a yummy fruit to snack on!
One of our dinners this week. Black beans and rice from scratch, and chili/lemon fish + a Martha's Vineyard salad. Oh, man! It was so good. Even the boys cleaned their plates!
Kid size starbucks!! How cool is that?! {They had hot chocolate, I had a mocha... it's been cool here today.}
I was really touched when I received this in the mail! How crazy is that? I love it when a place shows that they appreciate you as a customer. :) Last time I went was my first time at this particular salon. It's always a bit of a leap to try a new place, isn't it? I'll be scheduling for another cut next week!
And, um. Brownie Sundaes for the SuperBowl party! Rock on!
Ok. Back to the Project 52 thing... So when I get to the end of the week, I sort of, sort through and see which photo really represents some of the high {or low} points of our week. What stands out to me. Then I print that photo, or series of photos and create a layout. Now, lots of the other photos make it into other layouts that I put together as well, but I just stick with one for the Project 52.

Right now, I'm scrapping the Project 52 layouts in an 8.5x11 format - and they'll go into a D-ring binder from American Crafts {my personal favorite for albums!} That reminds me - I need to get on that! lol I don't wanna have them piling up around here! I have three layouts done so far, and am hoping to catch up on the outstanding three this evening! I'll be sure to share when they're done!!


Lisa Carroll said...

Your food always looks so yummy. I wish I lived closer so I could crash your house every now and then. I love your plan for Project 52 too!

Amy Muffoletto said...

Wow....Just simply.....Wow. I am here for a visit for the first time. I love your blog. You are one multi-talented and super creative woman. That food looks amazing and I love all your rockin' projects. Can't wait to see details about that calendar. Looks great. Thank you for inspiring me today....Hugs, Amy

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