Monday, March 1, 2010

Let Them Eat Cake...

Today was just one of those days... we all have them. Is there a universal dislike button that we can all hit for Mondays? 'Cause I am so there...

Instead, I ate cake.
{Recipe here.}

In other news... we are doing a science observation on the growth of seeds. Why do I think this is wicked cool? See, when I was a kid, we planted the things in the dirt, and then waited until they peeked out for us to see... we got to see the rest through charts and stuff.

Um. Whatever! How cool is this idea - so you can observe the whole process? This is only the 4th day, so they grow really fast. Which = exciting to watch instead of waiting until they stick their leaf out above the ground! lol Mommy will now get of the geek podium! If you're interested in the instructions, post in the comments, and I'll post a how-to!

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