Thursday, April 22, 2010

Borrowing from our Children...

We've made so many changes to our lives and habits since the last Earth day... some things we were already doing like using earth friendly cleaners:

and switching out our lightbulbs:

Using re-usable bags and eating a lot of organic foods, driving fuel efficient vehicles...
But other, new things have changed this year.

* We got rid of bottled water.
If you aren't aware of the impact that it has on our planet and body, you can check it out here. Really good article.
* We got rid of processed foods.
The most "processed" thing we eat around here is our cereal. And we stick to organic - preservative free brands.
* We switched back to 99% organic foods. The other 1% is either all natural, or the occasional treat. I do a quite a bit of baking and cooking, so this hasn't been a burden for us.
* We went whole grain.
* We switched from paper to cloth:

* We switched personal care items like deodorant, shampoo, and toothpaste for brands that don't include harmful preservatives, artificial sweeteners, or aluminum.

I have felt better and stronger since the changes!

What things do you do in your lives to be earth friendly?

Oddly enough, we've found that the changes have personally benefited us in so many ways. Once you start adding them up, the part of you that told yourself it would be a sacrifice? Well, it just has to shut up. ;)

Happy Earth Day 2010!


Haberdawoman said...

I need to take a note from you my dear, we have been doing the house cleaners fo a few years as well as the NO plastic bags" thing but I need to get working on the food thing, that might even help out with Soli's skin problems as well as with her asthma.
Have a great week.

April said...

I started transforming our house last August and I couldn't agree more that we feel better, stronger, and healthier from it without a doubt! Way to go!

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