Thursday, May 13, 2010

Streamlining the Process

Today I took some time to sort through a few things in my scrap space. Joy. I don't know how it gets so messy so quickly!
I freely admit that with the chaos of the school year, there isn't as much time to commit to keeping my space straightened and as organized as I'd like. :)

So today I went back to something that I used to do and had gotten away from. Keeping my cardstock to a minimum. When I was honest with myself and thought about it, I really have to admit that I use mostly neutral cardstock. So I went back through my organizer and pulled it all out, sorted it, and put it back in.

Just knowing where my starting base is, is a relief. I don't have to sort through a pile to find my starting point! lol My kraft, gray, white and black cardstocks are all organized in one spot, and my colored cardstocks are together as well...

What small things do you do to keep yourself organized and crafting? 


Hearthandmade said...

Ive just done a post about this too! xo

Angela said...

you call that a mess??? get outta here! love your creations leah!!

Kristine said...

For me the easiest way to keep things organized is to keep baskets on my work table to 'park' supplies as I'm creating. This way they are all corralled and can sit like that for a while until I get around to putting them all away. If I don't have a basket, things get scary really quickly!

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