Saturday, May 29, 2010

Style Inspiration - Amy Butler

You may have already noticed this - but I'm a fan of color. And pattern. And in my humble opinion, Amy Butler is one of the very best at combining both of these elements.
Amy in her studio - from her website about amy page
I'm always inspired by looking through her books, website, or just browsing her fabrics and patterns! She's one of those people I just see as living a very creative lifestyle - and someone I aspire to be like.

Some samples of her work and fabrics:

From her product brochure found here.

One other awesome thing that I totally identify with - she has a heart for the environment. She's been using recycled materials for packaging for years, and this past year she began offering organic fabric and home product lines like bed linens, earth friendly paper goods & gift wraps, and organic bath and beach towels.

I love what she has to say about these items, "As I expand into home goods now, I'm keeping focus on beautiful combinations of lucsious print, eco-conciousness, and passionate quality & detail! "

I love it when people can experience success and stick to their ideals. ^_^ Then use those ideals to create awesome options for people who have the same ideals, but maybe not the resources or talent to design such awesome products!

She has a sweet spot on her website devoted just to inspiration - you can really get lost in some of the images, and websites she has posted there!

A few years ago, I put these totes together for the ladies in our family as Christmas gifts. I'm happy to report that they're still being used by all of them...

{notice the baby? That's actually E! It was fun to go through these pics and see how tiny he was... ^_^}

Happy Saturday! Hope you enjoyed the inspiration - and yes, I'll be getting my sewing in full gear this summer - so I can share some Etsy happiness!!

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Haberdawoman said...

Very inspiring post and YES I am impatiently waiting for your Etsy!

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