Thursday, July 8, 2010

let the sewing commence!

My fabric order came on Tuesday! I'll be starting my sewing projects right away, since I'll be making some much needed new clothes. ^_^ I haven't taken the time to make clothing for a while, but I'm really not digging what's out there right now in my price range. {meaning: i can't stand the cheap 80's look that I'm seeing everywhere. No offense to those of you who love it! If it's done right, it rocks.But you can't go cheap on it...} Anthropologie is a bit more my taste. Hence the need to make my own clothes! lol I'll be sure to post pics when they're finished! I also have some great ideas perking for some uber cute baby items, too!! ^_^

As I'm running around getting things read for an  upcoming vacation/roadtrip, I came across this idea in my email inbox from  Martha Stewart {who else? :)}
I love, love the idea of putting a kit of things together for them to do... especially the map. I'm looking forward to the opportunity to teach them about using a map and giving them an idea about true space, location and distance. I've already printed out the bingo cards, and will be gathering a bunch of fun things together for them to do while in the car!


Rachel Chieppa said...

Can't wait to see what beautiful clothes you create. I agree about being able to find good clothing styles...they don't exist right now.
BTW...thanks for stopping by my site!

Vicki said...

ooh cute fabrics, enjoy your sewing - how do you keep up???? have a great week hun xxx

Hearthandmade said...

i love these fabrics!! I need to start sewing again!

Amy Muffoletto said...

Fabulous fabric. WOW. My first love is fabric than paper... I do not like to sew clothes though...So awesome that with everything you do you can fit that in. Love the Martha Stuart Idea.... Thanks for your sweet comments and for inspiring me evrytime I come for a visit! Big hugs,Amy

Jessica said...

I cannot wait to see what you make!! Love the fabrics so much... you are such the renaissance woman. ;)

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