Friday, July 2, 2010

vacation planning...

is fun. We're looking forward to spending time with family! ^_^

this was a fun one to put together... the photo is from the last visit to grandma and grandpa's house last fall... and we're planning another trip soon! Some details - I decided to trace our route on the map, but the map wasn't as great for writing the journaling on the left hand side, so I ended up cutting the other half off and using the left half of the road sign... perfect for writing the journaling... it added a lot more interest to the layout, too!

All of the goodies are from The Paper Niche, so if you're local, stop in and check them out! 


kat ann said...

very cool! your so creative! you blog full of all kinds of lovliness!

Connie said...

when I saw this I thought OMG!!!!! beautiful!!!!

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