Sunday, September 19, 2010

sweet sunday with american crafts

This week I've started sifting through photos of the year to create my "year in review" album. I always tell myself that I should start that sooner, or figure out a way to keep up with it a month at a time or something, but I guess that's just not me. lol I need the pressure of a deadline or something?

Anyway, you'll probably be seeing a few layouts featuring pictures from different times throughout the year - whatever catches my eye and tickles my fancy. You see, since I started putting together the whole "year in review" thing, I feel no pressure to do anything chronologically, or to scrap every photo that I take. I scrap my faves. And the rest are in that album for our viewing and memory keeping pleasure.

And here is more proof positive that you can use dear lizzy to scrap boys! LOL

Have a sweet sunday!

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