Wednesday, October 20, 2010

feeling a bit fancy and getting ready for halloween!

I had a little bit of news late in the weekend. I'm so excited to join their team!!

And on Monday I took pics of the boys in the costumes. Brilliant I tell you. I always get stuck trying to grab something here or there in the middle of the halloween activities, and then everything is low light or no light. lol I'll still take pics of their activities, of course!! But now I get these fun ones with the boys just goofing around showing off their costumes!
Have a fabulous Wednesday!


Cindy Tobey said...

Congrats Leah! So happy to have you on the team! :)

Hearthandmade said...


Lol..i love that photo! I think my bf should dress up like that for halloween

Lisa Carroll said...

Too cute! I always try to do that too. Really takes the pressure off.

beckyjune said...

HUGE congrats to you, Leah. You are so perfect for their team.

LOVE the boys in their costumes, too.

Ginnifer said...

Oh my goodness!! You're boys are so freakin cute in those costumes!

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