Saturday, November 13, 2010

building houses, planning life.

Besides spending my time taking care of mucho sick boys this week, I've been planning. And creating. Ordering the Thanksgiving turkey. Planning Christmas projects and schedules through the end of the year. Desperately fighting the tiredness I feel from spending half the night all week up with boys who can't breathe. Trying to still fit in exercise, because it never seems the ideal time, but I hate it when I let it go. Sketching. Scrapbooking. Putting things together for my Christmas digital kit.

Knitting. Praying that I'm not the next one to succumb to this nasty virus. Thinking about our holiday cards. Rescheduling our family photoshoot - since the boys look like they've been hit by a truck. Starting to plan for some awesome and exciting things coming in the new year... Grabbing a couple of last minute knitting patterns that were on sale this week at interweave. Love. Drooling over Thanksgiving recipes from Pioneer Woman. Her  green bean casserole, turkey brine, and cranberry sauce top my faves... enjoying small things like a cinnamon stick in my Thanksgiving blend from Starbucks.

Hope you're enjoying a lovely Saturday - I'm off to teach a bit, and hopefully get a haircut!

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Connie said...

can't wait to see your houses your building~A question for you ~ do you work out your ideas for digital traditionally? KWIM? hang in there girl!! Hope the kiddos get to feeling better soon and you too!!cm

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