Monday, November 15, 2010

good thing

I make the best chicken noodle soup ever. Since we're still all sick.

D is finally on the mend, but the rest of us are still fighting... It's definitely cold and flu season! I am super grateful that it's been cool enough outside that we can have the windows open, airing the place out - I hate having everything shut in when all those germs are floating around. {shiver}

Speaking of shiver - I've been thinking about undertaking my first ever sweater. Yeah. I know. I've been knitting and crocheting for a really long time - but I typically undertake smaller projects that I can complete in a few weeks with just a little daily commitment... hats, mittens, socks, scarves. For crochet - even a couple of doilies and a bit of lace... Not anything that requires serious commitment. LOL Well, I've currently been utterly enchanted by a few really clean looking sweater patterns on Interweave. If it doesn't bore you to death, have a peek at what I've found. ^_^

So very me. Love.
Yum. Love the texture and the style and the RED.

And this cute little one:

Annnndddd.... I have a sweater here at home that I absolutely adore. But it's pretty much bit the dust. I can knock around the house in it - but wouldn't dare wear it out. Maybe I'll try making a new version? That might be a bit ambitious for my first shot, though...

So - anyone else a knitter/crocheter? Have a fave spot for patterns?

one more thing - I've been sorting and purging my scrapbook space. Which means I'll have a bunch of things for giveaway soon here on my blog! I have small packs of open embellishments along with papers - and some brand new things. :) I'll most likely put these together into cute little kits of coordinated items that will be listed here once a week for a little giveaway!

Oh - and last thing! I forgot last week with all of the  excitement + plus everyone being sick to mention that I've been invited by miss Noel Fabri to join her design team at! 

My first kit arrived this week and all I have to say is WOW. It's for December, and she went really traditional with the kit she's called Bedford Falls. {being a huge fan of It's a Wonderful Life, I perked up at that pretty quick! lol} Here's a peek at some of the goodies included:

I'll be posting sneak peeks of my projects soon!! ^_^

Hope you're having a great Monday!


Leslie Ashe said...

a) FEEL BETTER over there!
b) I need that recipe! YUM!
c) I love ALL of them.
d) your blog makes me smile!

dalijablog said...

I love your blog too! Always great work you do and sources you share.
I can knitt small things, in a very plain pattern, but no way clothing! Unless I lived in woods, with no people around!lol My Mum is a super good knitt though.

beckyjune said...

That soup does look yummy, Leah.

I just want to spend a week at your house to taste your yummy food, have a peek at your creative process and spend time with your cute kids.

Congrats on the Noel Mignon invite- the kits there always look amazing. They are so lucky to have you!

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