Monday, November 22, 2010

inspire me monday - felt obsessed

I don't know why, but I just keep coming back to all this cool stuff made with wool felt. You might have noticed the little trees and poinsettia I made and put in my December Daily album, but I've also got other stuff floating around made with it, too.

Anyway. Thought I'd share some of my fave ideas recently found that are made using wool felt. And yes. It has to be wool. It just isn't quite right otherwise.

Forget giving these as a gift. I'm keeping 'em. My toes always freeze in the winter. Welllll. Maybe they won't look as cute on my feets, though!

And tell me this is not genius from the girls over at PurlSoho. It looks like candy canes. Yum. {That's also one of the best places to find the lovely said felt...}
Tomorrowland trees by Blair Peter. Amazing. 

Very bright and festive. And fairly easy with lots of ways you could use these... I can see some with felt or the paper of your choice, like the ones they were inspired by...}

Ok, so I know the color palette hasn't been that unified so far, but I love the projects. What can I say...

I think this has to be my fave...

Can I get a collective sigh? I adore her color choice. For some reason, I've really been loving those softer colors lately. Still very bold, but soft as well. Definitely not a fan of the neon stuff. All those fashion and design mistakes of the '80's and early '90's do NOT bear repeating! LOL I'm not stepping off of my soapbox...

Hope you enjoy a lovely, inspired Monday! I'll be doing one day of schoolwork with the boys, since we missed so much due to the yucky sickness everyone has had, and then we'll be off to pick up our turkey and a few trimmings at our local Whole Foods! The buzz of the holidays is totally in the air. Love it. Plus, I came to the sudden realization this evening that my hubby has some time off for this holiday, and then nothing until Christmas Eve. When am I supposed to Christmas shop sans boys?! Apparently... this week! Eep! Good thing my list is really short since I'm making lots of things on it!


Connie said...

awesome~love it too!!!!

Wendy Hammer said...

Well you KNOW I love felt! I'm so diggin' the candy canes (thought to do some for my shop before) and soooooooo love that flower ball! I wanna do some of those for my house!!! Thanks for more inspiration girlie! ♥


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ellen s. said...

oooh thanks so much for the great links and inspiration. those slippers look so compfy!

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