Thursday, January 27, 2011

beach bum

more yummy new release projects from Fancy Pants Designs today!! They're trickling out slowly... I still have several more that haven't been posted, so bear with me! I so, so loved this line for our boys! It's the companion to the beach babes line that I posted about previously...

This is an invitation that I made using it:
Hop over to their blog to check out what the other Pocket Chicks made! Great stuff!

Hope you're enjoying a lovely day!


A Soldier Girl said...

toooo cute. I love this girl .. you are knocking it out these past few weeks..

Tracie H said...

I cant wait to grab me some of this line - perfect for the guys surfin how you used it - so cute .x.

hilde janbroers said...

they're great!!!

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