Wednesday, February 23, 2011

an accidental vegan

I know there's sort of been a craze over the vegan thing lately after the whole Oprah episode where people were educated a little bit about how certain foods are produced here in The States... I'm not really sure what all she talked about, because honestly, I don't watch much tv. {I've been privy to that info for a while, and have only been eating organic products.}

I've started on my own journey for entirely different reasons. Health issues that I'd rather not share - but, I will say this: It's really changing me - in a way that's GREAT. :) I'm not super, super strict, though - I have a few tablespoons of milk here and there, and a few baked goods - but nothing that has dairy as a main ingredient. I'm also still eating small amounts of fish and lean chicken - roughly once a week. {have I mentioned that my mom thinks I'm pretty close to nuts?? lol Of course she doesn't have a problem with it, she just doesn't think it's humanly possible to not crave all of the foods that you cut out...}

{one of the lovely roses from hubby for Valentine's set in my messy work space}

Just for today, I wanted to share some of the sites for recipes that friends have passed along! I really need to link up to my friend Wendy - thanks for all the advice! She's been a vegetarian/vegan for a while, so she had some great tips for me!

The Kind Life I'm looking forward to checking out the book as well!

Fat Free Vegan - Even the photos are drool worthy! Ack!

Please share more if you have them! I always love finding new sites/books for recipe ideas!^_^

And just short note: I will be mia most of this week! We have a wedding coming up in the family that we are all involved in, and with everything else, I didn't have time to blog and schedule posts. I'm actually finishing my dress for the big day today {can't wait to post pics - it's based on this concept here, but done in a dove gray color. I'm going for a simple, elegant, understated look.}Also printing programs, doing alterations for someone, picking up tuxes for the guys, rehearsal dinner etc., and on top of that, D is still a bit under the weather. :P

Enjoy your week!


Tracie H said...

I was a strict veggie for over 15 years - that changed about 3 years ago and I started to eat meat again.....Ive been meat free for the past three weeks now, and can already feel the benefits.
I could never give up dairy - a life without cheese would be impossible for me!

That dress is beautiful....have a wonderful day at the wedding .x.x.

beckyjune said...

What a gorgeous dress! I can't wait to see your version :D

Tiff said...

WOW, you really do it all! Hope you find some time to relax after the big wedding!

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