Friday, June 24, 2011

enjoying summer treats

I'll admit it - when we were kids we had rhubarb out our eyeballs it grew in such an abundance. In fact, I wouldn't normally list it as a fave, even though I really enjoyed it! Now that I'm grown and have moved away from that area, it's actually a rare thing to find it. About two weeks ago, I stumbled upon a small basket piled up at a farmer's market and had to be sure to grab some! This was what I made - and everyone loved it. There's something about the fruits popular in the more northern areas that has a lovely tartness to it we just don't get here...

And this might actually be my very last layout for Noel Mignon! She's downsizing her team a bit, and since my term is up, I left it open for some of the other girls... I have loved being a part of her community for the last 6 months!

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