Wednesday, June 29, 2011

today is all about

Even though we haven't been doing much summer lovin' this week - since it's been blessedly stormy! {I really am thankful as we're in a drought.} I'll take rain any day. Living in the sunshine state is awesome and all, but I really do look forward to rainy days - especially when we've only had a handful since November. Yes, over 6 months of sun.

And later my crafting space will look like this:
I had a bunch of giveaways through friends in the last week - and I'll be shipping everything out soon! Along with some others that will be up in the coming weeks - so stay on the lookout! ^_^


Suzzie V said...

Rain is so nice in the summer when it's hot out.... as long as it doesn't prevent that summer lovin!

Bellaidea said...

very nice pick

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