Wednesday, June 22, 2011

wednesday, summer, healthy eating and a giveaway!

Gotta love Wednesday. There's just something about being halfway to the weekend that you can't compare to anything else. Even in the summer. This week has been pretty awesome so far, though.

I started my cold brew for my iced coffee mix this morning!
{this is an entire gallon of coffee mixture done up according to the iced coffee instructions in this post.}

I sort of had a few pounds creep back on in all of the hustle and bustle of the end of the school year, plus a few things healthwise that have forced me to change my diet and such. So how else to combat it, but start a much stronger exercise schedule! I'm alternating Ripped in 30 {for interval training}and Couch to 5K {I'm really loving the iphone app that allows me to add my playlist, then gives me prompts to walk/run. I used to run a 5k about 2-3 times per week, and feel like it's something I'd really like to get back to! ^_^

And on the foodie front, mommy cut out snack foods entirely. Yes. That means no chips or crackers in the house. I made the exception to popcorn, almonds {for those of us without the peanut allergy - honestly, almonds and coconuts are the only nuts that the little guy technically doesn't react to, even though we generally keep him away from him.}, and tons of fruits. I thought it might increase our food bill, but, ahhhh... I was actually pleasantly surprised that it just means I'm throwing away less dinner food. I was practically pulling out my hair when the boys would ask for snacks an hour before dinner - in tears mind you - because they were "so hungry" - then when dinner was served, you guessed it! Two bites and "I'm full!" So mommy put the proverbial foot down, and it's actually been really good. I don't have any arguments over food as a bonus.

And yay for a giveaway!! Virginia is giving away one of my rings on her blog today! Stop by and say hi to be entered in the fun! I wore the "elegant khaki" one on Sunday - I always love the way I feel when I wear one of these. I usually get lots of compliments, too! ^_^

Good luck! I'm thinking I'll take the boys swimming a bit later to run out some of that energy...

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Katey said...

what? a giveaway! that rocks!

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