Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Is it silly for me to say that I love the fact that our oldest has become a bit of a bookworm? He's pretty typically more of a sports guy, so I love that he's also picking up one of my loves - reading. I can't tell you how many times I've walked in to check up on the boys and this is the sight that greets me! 
A lot of my free time in the last week has been spent working on projects for the upcoming CHA show - so I'm glad I can start sharing them all!! Nikki has said that she'd like us to go ahead with her's, since she posted all of her upcoming lines here.


Andrea said...

What a great layout! So loveley! My son don't like books :-(
Big hug

Lea said...

Great layout Leah.
Nice picture of your son.
X Lea

artfuldelight said...

I love this new collection from Nikki. Fabulous LO!!! :-)

Haberdawoman said...

Loving the layout!!! And that line is a "MUST GET" for me for this coming school year :)
We must get together before school starts and life gets even more hectic for us ;)

Deana said...

Too cute! Love the placement of the flags. :-)

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