Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Etsy update - warm and cozy

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Since I love plaid - and flannel for the Autumn/Winter season, I had to put together a line of goods featuring this favorite!

I'm also introducing a new case - made just for carrying epipen auto injectors. AS I state in my listings, it's inspired by our son's need - and not wanting him to feel self-conscious over it. It's important, especially as he gets older that he's learned that it's necessary to have it at all times and doesn't slack off at all...

I have them listed in three colors so far, but I'll be adding more girlie patterns in the same style as the ruched camera case!

Cute, cute camera/ipod cases in the plaid flannel. Yum. I'll be listing one in green today as well! My camera battery died just as I was trying to take photos! Ooops!

Camera strap covers

I also wanted to share a quote from another fellow shop owner that I just LOVE. 
"When you buy from a small business you are helping a Mum {or Dad} put food on the table, buy school uniforms, pay towards football, petrol & food shopping or even better helping a student pay their way through university. You are NOT helping a CEO buy a vacation home, a Bentley car or a yacht. Our customers are our shareholders and they are the ones we strive to make happy. Thank you for supporting us and in turn we'll happily support you! :) xx"

Also - last thought - Kayla Aimee has a little feature and giveaway up on her blog right now! Stop by and check it out! Happy Tuesday!!
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