Friday, September 23, 2011

just the daily

Wishing: for cooler weather. It's still been hot here. I'm ready for a little break. :) I'd LOVE to be able to make soup and biscuits for dinner! That's not happening when the heat index is over 100. Sigh.
Loving: that the boys are settling into a regular school schedule. They're all about working hard to get their studies done early so that they have their afternoons free to play. Which works out AWESOME for me. While they play together in the afternoon,  I'm able to work around the house, or get other things done.

Praying: for lots of things right now. Like most people. One of them is that our little guy will continue to adjust to his weekly drop-off activity. He's such a sweetie, but he's a true-born introvert, who really struggles with being around groups of people, even when mom and dad are with him. He'd just rather stay home on his own. And we're just trying to teach him that he needs a little balance. 

Working: so very hard on things for my little business. And experiencing so much joy in the midst of that busy-ness.

Sorting: so many things out of the house. I purged my craft area, and am slowly working my way through each of the rooms and closets. I try to do this once a year, since things tend to pile up and I don't function well with clutter!

Have a lovely Friday! Hope it's cooler where you are, and you're experiencing some of the lovely Autumn weather that I'm so looking forward to!


Lacey said...

Move to's been cool here (in the 50s). I made wild rice soup this week (from a package) and broil some sourdough bread to eat along with it. yum. I'm not one for fall, but I do like eating soup.

cococricketsmama said...

yep, us Floridians are in constant summer, right? This is my 5th month here, I am so ready for fall...will it ever come??? Well, I'm still buying mini pumpkins for the table and baking apple pies and making chowders and stews.
Did you know that in Delray beach there's an Indie craft this saturday? Stitch Rock, just in case you didn't know.

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