Thursday, September 8, 2011

school is in, extreme weather, first time drop offs, and disasters

perhaps my title can clue you in a bit as to where I've been this week? Ha! We started school on Tuesday, and it's been quite the adventure!

First up - had to grab two of these on Tuesday. That's right! Pumpkin Spice is back! Yum... I'm such a sucker for the pumpkin this time of year.I grew up eating pumpkin muffins, cookies, cake, bread... I'm not sure if their overall business jumps, but, um, my stops increase! {I've even got my hubby hooked. ;)}
We had our first day of school. Things are going great. The youngest is what I would call WAY enthusiastic. Aaaaannnnddd... that solidified my decision to bump him to the first grade. I just won't have enough to keep him busy otherwise.

For some weird reason, I decided to pull apart my entire creative space. Ugh. I can't handle clutter, so I shove it away. Then I either can't find stuff and end up not using it anyway or forget I even had it to begin with. The disaster that has been my space since the weekend has been so yuck. The clutter stresses me out, BUT today things are coming back together, and it feels AWESOME.

This was my night when I put my layouts into albums. I managed to fill 4 {with a set of refills for a total of 40 layouts per album}, and still have enough to fill at least another. These are my layouts from the last 9 months or so.
I sorted out an entire couch full of stuff to either chuck or donate. Yeah. Cool. But not. Right?

The little guy had his first drop-off activity for school on Wednesday. This is huge for us and him, since he has a severe peanut allergy. They take along packed snacks. Which means a lot of kids will bring peanut butter. And I work really hard at not being anxious. And in the years since he's been diagnosed, I've gotten pretty good at doing my best to prepare and commit his safety into the Lord's hands. Who's ultimately in control.

This is a prep sheet that I've put together with info for any caregivers. The cool thing is, I've had a really positive response to it. I just hand it to them and ask them to give it a read - and if they have questions to feel free to ask! It includes info on how to recognize a reaction, an appropriate response, plus a release for treatment and all required insurance info. That's his set of epi-pens in the ziploc. For which I'm working up a case design. Yep! You heard me! Epipen cases are in design and heading to production soon, so if you have a kiddo that needs to carry them {or you do, yourself}, stay posted!
He did awesome. And then we got caught in a huge, nasty storm on the way home. Yeah. Hail. Whiteout downpours, lightning  and thunder like bombs going off. It was an eventful day.

Plus, I've got tons coming for the shoppe! I received a BIG fabric order yesterday while I was out - and not to mention I grabbed some lovely plaid flannels for autumn - or for the guy in your life! I'm seriously excited. No. Really! And I'm hoping to rock out a bunch of cases and camera strap covers tomorrow and this weekend!

Hope you're having a lovely week!


cococricketsmama said...

I got my first pumpkin spice latte yesterday of the year, I am addicted to those...even if here in Florida it doesn't "feel" like fall.

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Yummmmmmmmm... I need to try that pumpkin spice...and how cool that you are going to make a case! :):):):):):):):):):):)

Kimmie said...

It can be absolutely nerve wrecking when a child has a food allergy -- especially a peanut allergy. :o( The form that you made up for his caregivers is a great idea... I wish I thought of something like this. :o)

How did Ethan do at his first drop off activity?

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