Monday, October 31, 2011

Pencil lines sketch 257 - the hat

I have this hat. That I lovingly pull out every Halloween for the last 3 years - this'll be the fourth. No really. I love it. It's fun, and the color reminds of just a little creepy - but more pretty than anything else!
I have it out for our halloween activities in October, and then lovingly store it in my closet the rest of the year. Really. It does NOT go into storage. Giggle. Check out the sketch for this week and see what the other girls put together! Don't forget to play along!

And can I just say that October was maybe the craziest month of my life for a very long while?! I don't know why. It just was. I'm a little thankful to be closing the door on it, though it's been very, very good. Lots of thinking about things in life, and where we're going. What's in store. What I'd like for my family, and life in general. I'm letting the thinking part go now, and doing the moving. Though I've been doing a lot of moving this month as well! Ha!

These two things made me jump out of bed this morning:
This blog:
{I will be back to explore more!}
This eulogy by Steve Jobs' sister:
I want people to be able to say all of those things about me when I die. 

Taking today off of school to do a bit of catchup around the house. It's much needed - and I always tell myself, we work hard and as long as we're not behind on our schoolwork, it's ok to take a break sometimes when it's needed. My day will be spent sewing and scrubbing. Yay! Happy Monday!

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Sierra said...

Ha! Cute! Happy Halloween! :)

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