Saturday, October 22, 2011

Shimelle Paper Party Class winner!

chosen by random number generator: 7

Which is Connie!! {There are 12 entries included because she linked up on facebook and tagged me! ^_^)

Connie said...
I have done several of Shimelle's classes and they all "rock" ~ she has an eye for detail!!!! Would love to win the class!!! TY!!!

Enjoy your class, Connie!!

And can you believe it?! I have officially started Christmas shopping. No. Really. No more dashing around on the final week before Christmas to get everything taken care of. I'm actually hoping to be done by Thanksgiving! I know, I know. Lofty goals.

And, yes, you have seen me sporting a mohawk this week as I dash from place to place!! I took this photo, and it made me realize that I really am getting down to my weight goals! WooHoo! Yes!

I've been doing lots for my etsy shop as well this week - I need to write up a sparate post for that, though! Hoping I have time to post tomorrow! Exciting things coming, though!

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