Wednesday, November 16, 2011

I've been thinking

Since I've started using all of these other fabulous online sites like pinterest, instagram, facebook and twitter, which are essentially ways of micro-blogging, I've posted a lot less personal content here on my blog. Why is that, I wonder? I think part of me thinks, kinda, if you follow me in any of those media avenues, I already share so many things, and posting here is becoming redundant. But I also fee like my blog is now feeling just a bit less personal, which isn't really my intention, you know? Of course you do!
{pumpkins for our table}

So I'm setting out to change that, hopefully for the better! I'm hoping to figure out ways of bringing that content here, without making it feel like rehashing.

I've also been thinking about the fact that since I use my iphone so much and carry it everywhere, I haven't been picking up my nicer, bigger camera nearly as much. Ooops. Photography is one of those use it or lose it things, so that's another one I'm looking to really get back to. If only there were more hours in the day, right?

Totally random facts at the moment for today:
 trying to not go through to terribly awful withdrawals from Dr. Who. Series 6 will be released to dvd on the 21st. I got hooked on it when I started watching series 5. I've always been a science fiction junkie. Five more days... lol

I've recently taken up the task of finding a white wine that I love. And I'm happy to report - I'm a fan of muscato. Sweet and smooth. This particular one is yummy! Let's be honest. After a day of listening to your kids fighting, you need to relax a bit.

Currently on the bookshelf: 
It's the final book in the series, and I'm taking it slowly. I always like to savor a finale.

And this one, I grabbed the other day, and it has pretty much more than paid for itself already - and I haven't made a single recipe. It's sparked ideas and creativity. And I've got a list of at least 6 new recipes that will be making their way into our family menu rotation. I'll have to blog about that one day. How I keep homecooked dinners on the table at least 4-5 nights per week... Not to mention the fact that the author is funny as heck.

Well, enough randomness for a Wednesday! Please post in the comments if you have anything specific that you'd like to see me blogging about! I'd love to hear!

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