Wednesday, November 23, 2011

a thankful heart

I kind of have a thing. I may listen to a few Christmas tunes, and start planning the gift lists early, but you won't see a tree here before Thanksgiving - no offense to those of you who start celebrating early! It's a wonderful time of year, and we have TONS of family traditions.

So, here's my thing. Thanksgiving is a time where I stop and really think, reflect and search a bit deeper than the typical "top two" that everyone rattles off - my faith and my family. See, we had this tradition as a kid. After we had our Thanksgiving meal, we'd dim the lights. And to the flicker of candlelight,  we'd pass a basket of Indian corn kernels. My mom had made these little paper baskets that had our names on them, and as the basket of kernels was passed, we took one, named something that we were thankful for and why, then dropped it into our little basket. This continued until the kernels were gone. Sometimes that was a lot of rounds. But it made you think. About what you were truly grateful for and what really mattered.

As I've gotten older, I've realized that this tradition really does something deep and meaningful for me. It makes my heart overflow with gratitude. We didn't have everything when I was growing up. In fact, a lot of times, things were tight. But we appreciated the people we had and our faith. And today was the day to bask in that. So watch your football, eat your traditional meal with whatever favorites that you always include, and take some time to be truly thankful.

And after your heart is overflowing with that gratitude, let it overflow into a spirit of giving for the upcoming holiday.

Happy Thanksgiving, from our home to yours.

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mollydianeh said...

Hi! I appreciated your post on Thanksgiving! I had to work the last two days in a very busy ER. I had to literally "psych" myself into going to work! In a world where most of my time is spent with the sick and misserable; it's a challenge to remember I DO have so many moments/people/loved ones to be thankful for. I was a SAHM with my 4 kids thru my 20's and 30's. I knew that there would be plenty of time to work when I reached my 40's until retirement (if my feet last that long). Still, those 20 plus years at home where a challenge to keep my head up and know that what I was able to care for my children would stay with me for the rest of my life. Moments that melted into years...(it DID go by too fast!)that has become my greatest treasure; my greatest feelings of success! I've seen many many people as they breathe their last few moments here on earth. I have yet to hear ANY one talk about their careers (and there's been some fancy ones!) It's ALWAYS about family...always. I'm no expert...but I think you are right where it matters the most!

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