Tuesday, December 13, 2011

burlap banners for christmas

I'll admit it. I love the look of banners. And this year I decided to bring that to our tree... I have two different types that I did and today I wanted to share the one that's on our main tree in our living room!

I love, love the rustic look and texture that this brought to our tree!

I'm still adding some more of the hand stamped, clay ornaments, but this gives you a great idea of how the banners look on the tree!

 Here's a little diy on how to put them together yourself:

You'll need burlap. Not much, because it goes pretty far - I think I bought a half yard of each, but didn't even use that. I chose to use two different colors, but stick to a monochromatic color scheme.

Cut long strips of the burlap. Notice that I followed the threads in the burlap when I cut. This keeps it from fraying excessively. Then clip to banner size and finish the bottom either with a ribbon cut, or the pointy banner that's shaped like and upside-down triangle.
After you've cut your banner pieces, cut and piece of cotton crochet thread that's roughly 6 feet long, and tie a loop in the end {as you see on the left}. This gives you a great way to hang the end of the banner garland on the tree. Then thread the opposite end of the crochet thread through a big, fat needle {yes, it's a technical term. And try not to stab yourself with the wicked sharp thing...} 
Choose a pattern to thread your banner pieces on, and get started. I threaded up through the bottom, making sure not to get too close the edge - since the burlap ravels.
Thread the banners on until your piece of thread is full, and then tie a loop at the end that matches the one at the beginning - that we can use to hang it on the tree.
Continue making banner garland until you have enough to fill your tree! It took me three sets. I stored mine on a piece of carding I had left over from some JBS embellishments until I was ready to drape it on the tree.
Happy crafting!


julie said...

absolutely love the look!!

WillieburgScrapper said...

LOOVE the gentle, earthy quality of this project! I also like the stamped stars- great mix of hand made ornaments for the tree.

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