Saturday, January 21, 2012

latest listings in the etsy shop

New shop listings! I haven't posted these here in a while, but until I get my new site up and running, they'll continue to be here every once in a while! 

I've had several requests for backings other than denim, so I started searching around a bit and came up with a couple that I love! That'll be expanding as I go forward - more coordinated fabrics for backing. I found some decorator weight canvas that's really soft and lovely, but I think will be really durable, so I'm happy to share those for the first time!

{soft yellow, gray backing}

{black and cream damask with black backing}

This one is a single, with some beautiful red fabric that I happened to have on hand, so first come, first serve!

And a couple of new offerings in the denim backing. I really, really love that navy blue is making a comeback. It's always been a favorite of my mom's, and I've followed her in that at least! And shhhh... don't tell, but I've got plans for some golden yellow and navy blue combos as well...

I adore this soft combination of aqua, olive greens and navy. It's really subtle and beautiful. But then, I hand pick all of the fabrics that I work with, so it's hard not to really love them all!

I've also added a spot in the shop for designs that are discontinued. These are price reduced and sold as is, so no custom sizing. I do stress that they're not used or worn, I'm just moving them out of inventory to make room for the new designs and products that I'm carrying in the new year! So if you've been looking at one of these, and haven't gotten it yet,  now's the time! ^_^ This one's made with a pretty liberty of london print, and would be perfect for spring!

To say that my week has been busy would feel like a gross understatement. :) I really, really don't mind the busy part - it's the foggy jetlag that hung around for several days so that I felt like I really couldn't get the things done that I needed to that bothered me, you know? It was my first encounter with the whole jetlag thing, and I'll have to put it in the weird category. Maybe you could compare it to a drunken stupor? {Though I've never experienced one of those, either!} It's just a sort of sit and stare into space feeling. For me at least! Like I couldn't get my brain to engage as much as I tried... So I went through the motions of all of the typical mommy stuff that we do - laundry, cleaning, cooking, running kids to activities, homeschooling, sewing and planning for the shop, answering emails and etsy convos, but it was more like treading water.

Then again, never in my life have I been on five different flights, taken a train through an airport I was never supposed to see, and driven a total of 20 hours through a snowstorm in the span of 4 days. Between that and dealing with all of the emotion of losing a family member - I was a bit shell-shocked, I think.

That being said, yesterday was my first really productive day. I mean, I got stuff done the other days, but Friday was the first day that I really got stuff done, if you know what I mean. It felt so go to make it through most of my to-do list for the day!

Happy Saturday! I received a happy box of the new, new goodies from Hambly Screenprints today that I'll be having fun later this weekend creating with for their CHA booth this upcoming week! SO exciting to see their new designs! You can see peeks that Allison has posted here on their blog!


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