Monday, March 12, 2012

round up of bluebird chic posts - March 4-10

Last week was one of those crazy weeks for some odd reason. You know when you make the best laid plans, and then the entire week you feel like you're in one of the Looney Tunes cartoons where Bugs is running to beat heck and he still can't keep up? That was me last week! Can you picture it? Yep. Anyway, I finished of the weekend with a glass of wine {or two} and watching Napoleon Dynamite with my hubby. At one point I feel out of my chair laughing. I forgot just how funny that movie is. And I needed that.

So here are last week's posts from my personal/biz blog, where I share a bit more than just my scrapbooking projects!

  • handmade shops that inspire - KelleighR Designs - a bit about Kelleigh and the inspirational story of how her shop started. I knew Kelleigh before her small business started, and it's been awesome to see it blossom and grow!
  • inspiration for a monday - my spot, your spot - sharing a bit about my vision for the blog - to inspire and uplift. And encourage you to reach for your goals.
  • meatless meals - mushroom stroganoff - sharing one of our family's favorite vegetarian meals! I'm continuing on with the meal + menu planning and it's going well!
  • shop update - epipen cases - I updated that portion of my shop with a few more styles! And share details of free printable I'll be offering soon! {Hopefully the spring break this week will allow me to get a bunch of those things on my list accomplished!}
  • totally random friday - a post with five random things about me, and a few photos!
I've got lots of amazing things on the horizon that I'll continue to share with you! It's going to be a fabulous week!

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