Monday, April 9, 2012

how does your garden grow?

Long time no post! At least for me! Things have been uber crazy around here with the awesomeness that is spring! We've been busy wit quiz team competition for D {which involves a bunch of extra running}, and getting our garden together.

Not to mention that my husband had a couple of long weekends scheduled, so we spent some time doing fun family activities like mini golf, hitting the beach, coloring eggs for Easter, taking in the movie The Lorax - the boys were out for the weekend with their grandparents LAST weekend, and we finally got to see the show that my husband surprised me with tickets for for our anniverasry - Seinfeld! That's gotta be a once in a lifetime kinda thing... ^_^

Honestly, I didn't even list HALF of what we did in the last two weekends. Yikes! Though he doesn't really have any extra time off again until June, so we'll be buckled down and back to the business of studies and... well, business! I've got TONS going on/in the works for my business that I just can't wait to share! A shop re-style, and I'm getting a workshop together!!! Shhhh... it's JUST for mom's who want a PRACTICAL guide to taking better photos with their dSLR cameras... But that's coming soon!

Here's a layout I put together for the American Crafts Blog that was posted last week! I love the vibrant colors of this line... be sure to check out their post for more info and a supply list!

And a card with a multicolored peacock on it. He makes me smile. I sent this card off to my mom to just let her know I was thinking about her...

Have a lovely Monday!

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