Thursday, April 19, 2012

journaling what inspires

I posted a project for the jbs inspiration blog today... just sharing some thoughts on including information in your scrapbooks on journaling the things that inspire you. My husband and I took the time to watch the film Gandhi this past weekend, and just as we had heard, it was life changing. There's no way that you can watch the film with an open heart and not be changed. I've now added several books to my reading queue about the man and his teachings...

Here's a bit of detail from the title:

For more info on the supplies, you can check my post there!

Happy Thursday! {Is it the weekend, yet?!}


Leah Crowe said...

Wow, Leah.. such an inspirational piece. Now I am putting that movie on my to watch list too. Love the layout, amazing!

Bonita Baksh said...

Great layout Leah. I love his teachings, what an inspirational man. I will have to make sure I watch the movie too :)

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