Thursday, June 7, 2012

pushing into something new... SOLD OUT

As usual, been super busy around here for the end of the school year! Mama is running like crazy this week to keep up with work, testing stuff for end of school year for the boys, and home. 

But, I wanted to pop in here really quick and share something fun! I've got lots, and lots of things going on right now, and one of the fun ones involves designing again a bit more! Once I sat down and started doing a bit, I remembered just how much I love it - and how happy it makes me. Part of that was designing these customs buttons to add to my orders for my shop:

When you order something from my shop, it comes packaged like this {this is also a priority shipping upgrade}:

The side features my website address.

Long story short, I've had some interest in these little guys and I'm selling a limited number of sets. I'll be doing a reorder really soon, with some edits. This was my first time ordering, and I want to resize a couple of little things, and tweak a few of the colors.

If you're interested, you can let me know at my business email - bluebirdchic at gmail dot com.

Have a lovely Thursday!!

****update - all button sets are sold out at this time! I have a new set on reorder and will post as soon as they're available!!****

1 comment:

WillieburgScrapper said...

Hey there!!! These are GORGEOUS! Love the color palette and the design motifs! I also loved your chevron camera strap- you are rocking and rolling over there!!!

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