Saturday, October 13, 2012

Big Picture Classes Bootcamp Winners

I used the random number generator to choose two winners - and oddly enough, it gave me 7, and 6! I've been wondering all along if I'm having trouble with comments here on my blog. I usually have more entries for stuffs like this, and have gotten a couple of emails. :P Not sure what I can do about it. Sigh.

Anyway! On to the winners!

Number 6 was an entry that I received by email, since she couldn't leave a comment - and is:
Kim Jansen-Holterman 
Congrats! I'll email you details today!
Number 7 was Aimee Maddern!
I'll get your details to you today, as well!

Congrats girls! I really hope you enjoy the class, and it helps jumpstart your creativity before the holidays! ^_^

Happy weekend, everyone!!

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