Monday, October 22, 2012

JBS Mercantile blog hop winner

Last week I participated in a blog hop for JBS Studios and offered up a set of the JBS silhouette cuts that have been included in the kits this Autumn. I pulled a random winner from, and got number 18 - with is Courtney! I've passed on your contact email from your profile to Lisa and she should be sending out your cut files!

{peek at my upcoming post for Jenni Bowlin this week}

This past week was wonderful. My husband had some time scheduled off that he needed to take before the end of the year, and instead of planning a trip like we did this summer, we just chilled at home. I didn't start out with the intention of taking time off myself, but that's the way it worked out. I worked a few hours each morning to fill orders, and then we spent afternoons hanging out as a family. We took the time to just have fun together doing things like bowling, mini golf, and a trip to the pumpkin patch. Overall, just plain refreshing. Sometimes you need weeks like that. And we hadn't had one for a LONG time.

So this week it's back to the grind! I'm scheduling posts and ordering buttons and working on something special that I've been trying to get together for a while! Pop in to my biz blog if you're interested in a peek. 

The reason I have two blogs at the moment has to do with me NOT foreseeing the growth that my papercrafting would take this past year. When I first started my handmade biz last year, I focussed only on creating my handmade goods - and at that time, papercrafting was still more of a hobby for me. Not wanting to push my business onto this space at the time, I set up the separate blog, where I share recipes, a few DIY's, and updates on my business whenever I get a chance. I've been amazed and blessed by how my business has grown this past year, and as things change, I'll try to reevaluate the best way to move forward with the two different spaces. Thanks for your patience in the mean time!


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Yeah! Thanks so much! I love these files.

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