Wednesday, October 3, 2012

October JBS Mercantile layouts

I loved working with the bright colors in this month's Mercantile kits! I love, love, the exclusive stamp! AND the latest feature of the kits - the silhouette cuts! {There's one cut included with the kit.} I'm planning and budgeting for one of those bad boys VERY soon! ^_^ I actually requested it as a birthday gift from my hubby, and he was all over it! lol

The little guy is super happy that I found the costume that he wanted for Halloween... I managed to get a decent photo even though he was yucky sick at the time!

I got carded for wine last week. It was seriously funny to see the expression on the twenty-something girl's face when she told me that I don't look my age. I hope that was a compliment!

I'm working on this. I have a lot of joy, but life isn't always rainbows. That's the difference between "joy" and "happiness". Happiness depends on your circumstances. Joy comes from within.

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Ashley Horton said...

Amazing pages, Leah!! Love the little touches of your handwriting in the titles!! And I would definitely take the carding as a compliment!! :)

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