{about me}

Married to my soulmate, raising our two fabulous boys together in the metropolitan Miami area.

I'm frequently asked how to pronounce my last name - it's WAY easier than it looks! Leah Farquharson =
lee-ah fark-eh-son. In fact, a lot of people mistake it for "ferguson" when they hear it out loud!

This blog was originally started to share my scrapbooking projects, and as time has gone on, it has evolved to a place for me to share all things papercrafting, related to the industry that I so love. The creative process is like water to my soul.

In December of 2010, I registered my business - and if you're interested in the story, please stop by and check it out here. I no longer keep this blog active, as it was difficult to manage two blogs, so be sure to check out bluebirdchic.com to see my most recent projects, blogging, and shop updates.

Happy inspiration!
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