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Leah Farquharson       
My philosophy: Artistic expression is a part of *who I am*. Not only do I have to have creative outlets, but I thoroughly enjoy them! Scrapbooking gives me the opportunity to combine so many of the things I love, at the same time giving me the chance to tell our family story, celebrate the things in our lives, and speak to my loved ones. Scrapbooking is more to me than just pretty pages – it’s a combination of all of these things.
I discovered scrapbooking about 6 years ago, and I've got a really laid back attitude. I scrap whatever strikes my fancy at the moment, and don't stress over all the photos that I don't have scrapped. In fact, some just make their way into albums!

My Style: I've sorta settled on "Vintage Modern". I usually start with clean, bold colors and lines, then throw in a few vintagey elements like flourishes, stitching or buttons. It's also evolved over time to include some "artsier" elements like inks and paints, masking, and different mediums!

My Method: My pages usually start for me as a story that I want to tell.  Then I find or take a photo{s} that best illustrates my story. Paper, embellishments, and techniques all follow.

My Objective: To share the joy that comes from scrapbooking with others.  To encourage others to share *their story*. To teach. To take part in Design Teams. To publish my work.  To inspire others.

Education: I've taken several Photoshop classes (all three levels of Jessica Sprague's - gotta love her!), and various art classes (photography, sketching, ceramics) but mostly, I just love art. So, books on photography, graphic design, color theory, and art history all make their way onto my reading list. :) My hubby lovingly refers to me as his "art nerd."

You can check out a gallery of my work here.

Published Work:
{Note: to see press related to crafting and my handmade business, please refer to the press page at bluebirdchic.com}

Book: Everyday Storyteller 2, May 2013 Contributing article, layout, and process photos
Somerset Studios, July 2013                   Altered tote bag featuring Maya Road products

Paper Haus Spring Issue 2013               large butterfly canvas tutorial

Paper Haus Winter Issue 2012:             12x12 layout

Paper Haus Summer Issue 2012:           2 greeting cards
                                                             2 - 12x12 layouts
Die Scrapperin November 2012:           12x12 layout: "Squeeze In"
                                                             12x12 layout: "Pursue your Dream"
                                                             12x12 layout: "Life is Good"

Scrapbook Trends September 2012:     12x12 layout: "first day of preschool"
                                                             12x12 layout: "my guys"

The Scrapbook Magazine
(United Kingdom) August 2012:            12x12 layout, "handmade"

Scrapbook Trends July 2012:                12x12 layout: "salt and sand"

Scrapbook Trends June 2012:               12x12 layout: "timeless"
                                                             12x12 layout: "cabin adventures"
                                                             12x12 layout: "daddy's boy"
The Scrapbook Magazine, 
Issue 64 (United Kingdom):                   featured Pencil Lines team member, 12x12 layout, "playing
Scrapbook Trends March 2012:             featured in the "award winning style" column

Scrapbook Trends March 2012:            12x12 layout: "treats"
                                                             double 8.5x11 layout: "cutie pie"
                                                             12x12 circle diecut layout: "reminder"

Scrapbook Trends Create: Mini Albums Winter 2011: 8x8 album: "December 2010"
Scrapbook Trends November 2011: 12x12 layout: "photoshoot planning"

Scrapbook Trends October 2011:          12x12 layout, "baking with mom"
                                                              12x12 layout: "spooky house"
                                                              12x12 layout: "dance blur"
                                                              12x12 layout: "happy go lucky"
Scrapbook Trends Create Holiday Idea Book 2011: 12x12 layout, "bootiful princess"
Scrapbook Trends August 2011:             8.5x11 double layout, "river walk"
Scrapbook Trends July 2011:                 12x12 layout, "cupcake love"
Scrapbook Trends June 2011:                12x12 layout, "daily knitting"

Scrapbook Trends May 2011: 12x12 layout: "fairy princess"

Scrapbook Trends Idea Book: Quick and Easy: 12x12 two-page layout, Beach Love
Scrapbook Trends February 2011:         12x12 layout, "love you"
Scrapbook Trends January 2011:
                                                              12x12 layout: “I’m free”
                                                              12x12 layout: “I’ll follow you”
Scrapbook Trends magazine:  December 2010, 8.5x11 2 page layout, "baby cousin"
CARDS magazine, October 2010:          5x7 card, boo!
Scrapbook Trends magazine: October 2010: 12x12 layout, "let them eat cake"
{entreARTiste} magazine, Vol 8: 8x10 altered canvas: "dance"
August 2010 Scrapbook Trends:            12x12 layout: "imagination"
Scrapbook Trends Idea Book: For the Home April 2010: Lesson Plan Binder
Scrapbook Trends December 2009:       card: Joyeux Noel
Entre{ART}ist {Issue 7} March 2010 8.5x11 layout: "S is for Super"
Entr{ART}ist November/December 2009:
                                                              photo: "Hope for the future"
                                                             12x12 layout: "play ball"
Scrapbook Trends October 2009:
                                                             "Let's Go Haunting" hybrid mini album
                                                             12x12 layout: "Plant Me a Flower"
                                                             12x12 layout: "frugal shopper"
                                                             12x12 layout: "brothers"
Scrapbook Trends June 2009: Challenge: "What does this photo say about me?"
12x12 hybrid layout: "I {heart} handmade"
Scrapbook Trends, April 2009: Challenge: Hybrid
                                                            12x12 paper, "don't be afraid"
                                                            12x12 hybrid, "PLAY"
                                                            11x8.5 hybrid, "mom & me"
Scrapbook Trends March 2009:           8.5x11 digital layout, "Are You for Real?"
Card Trends February 2009:                {Mini card} "Peep"
Scrapbook Trends February 2009:      "Bits & Pieces"
Card Trends January 2009:                  "You RocK!" card {hybrid}
Scrapbook Trends January 2009:         "bits & pieces"
 Scrapbook Trends Go Digital Idea Book:
                                                            "Just Play in the Sunshine"
                                                            "Foodie Love"
Scrapbook Idea Gallery 2008 Memory Maker's Idea Book: "Vintage Mod"
Oh Baby! June 2008 ~ Memory Makers Idea Book: "A Quiet Moment" p.38

Contributing Artist/Educator: "Oomph & Polish", Masterful Scrapbook Design, April 2013
Contributing Artist/Educator: "Finding and Evolving Your Scrapbook Style", for Masterful Scrapbook Designs, October 2012
Contributing Articles and tutorials:
JBS Mercantile, created the project kit for June 2012, featuring a mini album, including pdf instruction
JBS Mercantile Gazette, Regular Contributer - November 2011-present
Scrapbooking.com, April 2010 - article on creating and embellishing a heart shaped box
Scrapbook Trends October 2009: instructional article on creating the hybrid album "Let's Go Haunting"

Design/Creative Teams:

Design Team Member:
      Maya Road: November 2012-present
      Get It Scrapped: June 2012-May 2013
      Paper Issues: February 2012- April 2013
      JBS Mercantile/Jenni Bowlin Studios: November 2011-present
      Hambly Screenprints: December 2011-2012 when the company dissolved  
      Punky Sprouts: May 2011- May 2012
      Pencil Lines Sketches: May 2011- October 2012
      American Crafts. August 2010- present
      FancyPants Designs. November 2010-December 2011
      Nikki Sivlis, Scrapbooker. June 2010- December 2011
      NoelMignon Kits: December 2010-June 2011
      Glitz Designs. May 2010-June 2011
      The Paper Niche. February 2008-August 2010
Digital Designer: “bluebird chic”, sugarhillco.com, May 2010-March 2011
Digital Creative Team Member: Kaisercraft Digital, November 2009- May 2010
Guest Designer:
Webster's Pages, January 2013
Scrapbook Circle, June 2012
Guest Designer: Hambly Studios. February 2011
Guest Designer for Jillibean Soup. September 2010
Pagemaps. September 2010
Pencil Lines. September 2010
simply ArTistiC. August 2010
Point. Blank. Period. Challenge Site. November 2009
Jenni Bowlin Kits. January 2009

Design Team Member:
Design Team Member: ACBailey Designs {acbaileydesigns.com}, October 2008-June 2009
Digital Designer: “Designs by Leah”, funkyplaygrounddesigns.com. June 2009- March 2010
Hybrid/Digital Creative Team Member:
Corina Nielsen, funkyplaygrounddesigns.com, August 2008-January 2010
Miss Tiina, funkyplaygrounddesigns.com/misstina.com, June 2009-January 2010
Studio Crew for ScrapbookGraphics.com, September 2008-May 2009
Site Creative Team for funkyplaygrounddesigns.com, September 2008-May 2009
Dianne Rigdon, scrapartist.com, September 2008-May 2009

Top 5 Editor's pick for 2009 CARDS magazine cover contest, 2nd place in votes

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